PM Cares – Great Initiative by NaMO

Honorable Prime Minister of India came up with another master Stroke  PM Cares “to involve People in the fight against Corona.People from all walks of life have been looking for an opportunity to take part in the fight against Chinese Corona Virus. With a Tweet on 28th March 2020, the PM has announce the PM Cares Initiative, where eveeryone can contribute and take part in the fight irrespeRead More…

Real time data tracking of Corona Virus Updates

The biggest pandemic for over a century is undoubtedly Corona Virus , which is originated from Wuhan City of China. There are multiple efforts across the world to track the data from these infected cases, geographies etc. The efforts from the universities and private players may be used to analyze the data and look for future prevention of recurrence While there are many efforts both by GRead More…

Pesarattu – Super Dosa Verity from Andhra

Pesarttu is a very Andhrite special Tiffin. It is a simple dish to make, quick an easy to make veriety. Aslo this is a tiffin which makes you feel fullness with very little eating. Combination with Upma and chutney, this is a perfect dish for any occasion  You can impress your guests with the authentic Andhra cuisine. A veriety of variations possible like allam pesarattu, onion pesarattu etcRead More…

JOWAR ROTI – 2 Varieties

The Humble Jowar Roti, which is a Millet has really huge benefits of Health and nutrition. The Jowar Roti is one of the oldest known food used by Humans. This is also called as Sorghum. It has abundant amount of Calcium, Iron minerals. It is a great source of Fiber and protein too. It contains anti oxidants such as polyphenolic compounds. It helps in weight loss and also reduce cardiac risk. JowarRead More…


Green gram dhal-1/4 cup
Green chillies-5
Curry and coriander leaves
Salt to taste
Fresh scrapped coconut –little
Oil –3 table spoon
Turmaric –1/2 tea spoon
Roast Green gram dhal till warm,wash sago and dhal separately keep in the pressure cooker with quarter part of water to the vessel to boil do 3-4 whistles, remove and see whetheRead More…


Rice Roti or Akki Roti is a delicious Dosa Veriety made in south of India
Rice flour-2 cups
Roasted and powdered ground nuts-1/4cup
Green chillies-8-10
Curry and coriander leaves.
Fresh coconut-little
Oil-1/4 cup
Greated carrot-1
Salt to taste
Bengal gram dhal-2 table spoon
Chop onions,green chillies must be turned to paste ,grate carrot.
In a broad vessel take rice fRead More…


Ingredients for Sago Upma:
sago –1 cup
ground nuts-1/4 cup
green chillies-5
oil-3-4 table spoons
turmeric-1/2 tea spoon
salt –to taste
Wash sago and drain all water keep sprinkling water to sago 15 minutes once do this for 2-3 hours.
Roast ground nuts and peel the skin powder them keep aside.
In a pan take oil add chopped onions to it fry till they are half done nRead More…

Tomato Bhath

Upma rawa-1 big cup
Red chilli powder-2 table spoons
Masala powder-1 table spoon
salt to taste
Bengal gram dhal-1 table spoon
Blak gram dhal-1 table spoon
Oil-4 table spoons
ghee-1 table spoon
Curry and coriander leaves
Method:Roast rawa till it gets hot in low flame with a table spoon of oil.Cut onions and tomatoes into square shape .In a vessel take oil and ghee Read More…

38. Rasa Malai – A good sweet

Rasa Malai is a Punjabi sweet and as a great taste
200 gms paneer
2 1/2 cups sugar(tea cup)
1 litre milk
5 cups water
5 cardamoms
Knead paneer for 3 to 4 mins like batter for making rotis.  make 8 to 10 small balls. Slightly flatten them. Heat 5 cups of water and when it starts boiling add 2 cups of sugar.  After sugar melts, drop these paneer balls slowRead More…

రక్తపోటును అదుపులో పెట్టే అరటి మామిడి ఇగురు

కావలసిన పదార్థాలు : అరటికాయలు… మూడు
పచ్చిమామిడి… రెండు
ఉల్లిపాయ… ఒకటి
అల్లం వెల్లుల్లి పేస్ట్… ఒక టీ.
పోపు దినుసులు… అర టీ.
మిర్చి పొడి… రెండు టీ.
ధనిRead More…