20. Kakarakaaya( Bitter Gourd) Pulusu


Kaakara kaaya(Bitter Gourd) -2 ( cut into smaal pieces)
Besun – (chick pea floor) -1 tb spoon
Onion large -02 (cut in to small pieces)
Tamarind (chintha pandu) – of the size of lemon (You need to make a syrup with this. Use this syrup instead of water for boiling. For making the syrup, soak the tamarind in 100ml of water for about 15min and squeeze it. Add more water and squeeze for more syrup.)
Mustard, -1/4th spoon
Jeera(cumin),- 1/4th spoon
 Methi(fenugreek),- 1/4th Spoon
 red chilly-2 pieces
Curry leaves-10leaves
Green chili-2(cut them along the length)
Oil-4 spoons
Turmeric powder-1/2 spoon
The method
1.       Take a pan fry the bitter gourd in2spoons oil till it turns brown and keep it aside.
2.       Now prepare the tadka by frying mustard, jeera, methi , red chilly and curry leaves add onions to the tadka till it turns brown (avoid high flame, if not tadka will be black).
3.       Add the fried bitter gourd to this and green chili, jiggery, salt, turmeric powder, and the tamarind syrup
4.       Keep it on a low flame for 30 to 40 min.
5.       To thicken the liquid, add the besun with some water and mix it thoroughly so that no bubbles are formed. Add this to the Pulusu and simmer it for another 3-5 min.
Serve it hot. This is very tasty to eat with rice. This food is good for diabetics.                                                                                                                    
A good combination with this dish can be Kandipodi (Turdal Powder), Mudda
Pappu, or Kandi Pachadi. 

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