38. Rasa Malai – A good sweet

Rasa Malai is a Punjabi sweet and as a great taste
200 gms paneer
2 1/2 cups sugar(tea cup)
1 litre milk
5 cups water
5 cardamoms
Knead paneer for 3 to 4 mins like batter for making rotis.  make 8 to 10 small balls. Slightly flatten them. Heat 5 cups of water and when it starts boiling add 2 cups of sugar.  After sugar melts, drop these paneer balls slowly in to the sugar solution, cover with lid and keep boiling on slightly higher than low flame.  Do not open the lid till 10 mins.  After 10 mins open the lid and turn the paneer balls to the other side, cover the lid and boil further for 10  mins.  Switch off the stove.  You can see the balls become puffy like rosagullas.  You can serve them with sugar syrup as rosagullas.  I f you want to make ras malai,  drain the balls and keep aside.  Boil one letre milk till it reduces to half litre.  Add cardamom and sugar(as per your taste) to it.  Switch off the stove and add paneer balls cooked in sugar syrup to the milk.  Serve.

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