Aavakaya- The Pickle of Andhra tastes great

Mangoes for PickleAavakaya (Telugu: ఆవకాయ) is a variety of Indian pickle popular in South India Avakaya is so popular in Andhra Pradesh. Telugu people of Affection & Attachment they have with Aavakaya.
The main ingredients are mangoes and aavalu (powdered mustard) and a combination of other spices used for pickling.
  1. Mangoes –They must have enough Fibre(peechu)
  2. Mustard powder
  3. Methi(fenugreek) Powder
  4. Sesame oil ( You may use any refined oil )
  5. Salt
  6. Chilli powder ( Avakaya Karam)
How to make
Cut the mangoes chosen for this pickle small pieces using strong and ultra sharp cutters/knives There should not be any peels coming off it.
Pickle The Mango pieces with powdered mustard seeds, red chilli powder (dried and powdered or sometimes dried, roasted and powdered), salt, sesame oil and fenugreek (both in whole and powder form).
The mixture matures for four to eight weeks, taking care to periodically mixing the content to ensure uniform marinade.
Apr-may is the season for kotha Aavakaya.
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